Computer Remote / Remote Desktop Through Internet

Computer Remote / Remote Desktop Through Internet
When you're out of town or even abroad, and you have access to your computer at home, in the office or anywhere else. to copy files or other purposes, or for troubleshooting problems in the client program or your customers a short distance, or for the purposes of setting the configuration tool / machine etc, the solution is to use a remote computer via Internet applications. 

With the application of remote computer / remote desktop, as if we were right in front of the original computer (which diremote) because it will look exactly the same. 

One of the applications that are reliable for this purpose is TeamVewer, a free app (free for personal, paid for commercial use), size of the installer is only about 3MB, to download just go to their site at or to download the zip file (for Windows) click here 

TeamViewer is to install and use is easy, to be installed on two computers will diremote and that would remotely. Installnya lived next next till the finish, no need to change the settings, let it default. 

When the application is run it will display the ID number and password 

We will remotely should know TeamViewer ID number and password of the computer that will diremote, this could diinfokan by phone, SMS or email.
ID number that we can from the computer that will diremote then we enter the Partner ID column, click on Connect to partner to launch remotely.
(On the computer that will diremote does is run the TeamViewer application and menginfokan ID number and password to us / people who will remotely).

After click on Connect to partner it will display the password request, just enter the password only. then click Logon, then the computer will perform diremote.

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