Gave Posts In Images in Microsoft Word

Gave Posts In Images in Microsoft Word
When you insert an image or picture in a Microsoft Word document, and want to give the writing on the image, which needs to be done is to menginsertText Box, and then write the word or phrase you want, edit zoom, font, border, background, etc., in accordance with your liking. 

For Ms Office Word 2007 
 Make sure the image is not highlighted (not dihighlight), click or double-click in the area outside the right of the graph to convince him. 
 Select the Insert tab, select the Text Box, and then select Simple Text Box. 

 Write the word or phrase you want to write
 Highlight and drag the Text Box to the position of area you want

 You can set the format of the font, size, border, background or transparent, etc., in a way dahuli Text boxnya first highlight, then select the Format tab, there is a Shape Fill(background), Shape Outline (border), and Shape Change.You could try and error to the appropriate view.
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