CamStudio Settings For Results Not Broken-Broken Video

If previously we've discussed how to how to download and use CamStudio , it is time how to use CamStudio video results not to be broken . 

For those who still lay with a desktop recording software like me, some may feel confused and assessing that CamStudio application is an application-Abal Abal because he was open source. The default video results using CamStudio is ugly. The video's broken and not like a clear and smooth video.

The first time I was looking for how to, fiddling with the settings turned parts I found what could be a good result without halting. But then I am also confused, file size larger than the default video exceptional. While I've seen the results of desktop video recording along approximately 30 minutes with a file size of approximately 60 MB of good results.

I record the activity of only about 1 minute alone has reached dozens of MB.Also confused how. But eventually I found a way, by converting the video file types to MP4 format using the application factory.

Setting Video CamStudio

Immediately, how to set the video quality to be more in CamStudio.
  1. Open CamStudio, then on the menu Options> Video Options ...
  2. In the settings, set Quality of 90 or more.
  3. At the Max Framerate setting for 250 frames / second.
Actually here is in setting the frame that makes the broken video. Captured frames are too little to the default settings, the video finally broken. As for the quality of the video is how the quality of which will be generated, the result is clear or opaque.
setting video options
go to video options
setting video default camstudio
The default video settings
Setting custom video camstudio
Setting custom
After setting the above, live recording and see the results instantly. Good luck and hopefully useful.
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