Copying Android Apps manner of devices are already installed

Copying Android Apps manner of devices are already installed
There are two ways to install Android applications are online and offline. Online by going to the Android Market or Google Play, then select the app and setting it. 
Install it offline earlier that we had to get the installer file APK file   (Android Application Package), then we execute / run the file APKnya for menginstallkannya. 

Which will be discussed here is how to get the APK file from android application that has been installed in a device or an Android tablet, so it can be used as APKnya file backup or to be copied or installed on other android devices. For example, your friends want to copy an existing application on your tablet, you just send the file APKnya, sent via bluetooth or copy to USB, you stay friends kemudiaan double tap / touch APK files that have been received to start menginstallkannya. 

There are many software / android app to be able to easily get the APK file of an application that has been installed, s ne of them is the File Expert. File Expert app is so easy to use and not complicated. 
File Expert is not only for backup APK files, but many other functions, a file explorer, install / uninstall program, Theme Manager etc.. 

File Expert to install this, you can just go to The market is Android / Google Play, then search / keyword search for File Expert,   if you have found instalkan lived alone. Alternatively to get disa APKnya file download here . 

Once installed File Expert, to make or backup APK files: 
 Open / File Expertnya run (t ap on the icon File Expert) 
click on image to enlarge 

 Tap on the My Apps menu 

 It would appear that installed applications, select the application to be copied / created APKnya by checking (give the check) to the right of the application 
In the example I chose IP Calculator application to be made ​​APKnya 

 Then select / tap on Backup on the bottom. APK file will automatically be created and saved in the folderbackup_apps. 

 To go to the folder backup_apps, from the main page to theMy Files menu masu 

Would seem that we just file backup 

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