The Easy Way to Clean Files Not Required in Windows

The Easy Way to Clean Files Not Required in Windows
So that the performance of the computer is always in good standing one is to delete files that are not needed, temporary internet, cookies, history, temporary Windows, recycle bin, etc.. 

All the files are at the top can be removed manually, by going to the menu or sub-menu that provides options to delete, or delete directly via file explorer. For example, to delete cookies in Firefox we go into the Options menu, then select the Privacy tab, and then select Remove Cookies. 

How to delete the above example of course is not practical, because we have to do it manually. 

We have had a lot of tools for the purpose of deleting temporary files, cookies, history, cache, etc. as mentioned above, one of which is free is ATF-Cleaner. 

I think this tool is very nice, easy to use and practical, lived executed / run the file (standalone), then a window will appear ATF Cleaner, then we can choose what files we want to remove, with a choice of: Windows Temp, Current user temp, All user temp, Cookies, Temporary Internet files, History, Prefetch, Java cache, and the Recycle Bin, or if you want to erase all of us stayed choose Select All. After the vote, we just click on the Empty Selected button. 

File size is very small, under 50KB, for all Windows can be downloaded here .
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