Posts Copying way of Screen Command Prompt

When you work with Command Prompt, there may be information or data that is not just enough to be seen or execution / run course, but you also need to save, as documentation, materials analysis or other purposes. 

The following are tips on how to copy writing, character, commands or code that is on display CMD Command prompt Windows to be moved into Notepad, Wordpad, or MS Word. 

Posts Copying way of Screen Command Prompt
 Right click on the command prompt area 

 Select Mark to select (highlight), then do the block as usual by using the mouse as we select dukumen as usual. Or chooseSelect All if we want copying everything on the Command prompt screen. 

 After dihighlight / blocked then press the Enter key, (by pressing the enter key and the data is copied in the clipboardready to paste it) 

 Open Microsoft Word or Notepad, and do the Paste command(Ctrl + V), then the text in the Command prompt was now already in Ms Word or Notepad. 
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