Windows Vista Tips - Check the state of Computer Security Through the Windows Security Center

Windows Vista Tips - Check the state of Computer Security Through the Windows Security Center
In Windows Vista, Microsoft has provided a new security feature that is not present in previous versions of Windows, the features of the Windows Security Center (WSC). In Windows Vista documentation says that this feature is a security monitoring center in Vista. Vista's default program functions assigned to provide security status of various security programs that should be installed and updated.

As shown on the display WSC above , there are four status / terms to be monitored , namely :

- Firewall
A firewall is a program that works to deter hackers and other bad programs from gaining access to your computer either via a computer network ( network) or via the internet . In addition, also the firewall can block programs that are not a good transfer from our computer to another computer . Windows Vista has had its own firewall . So that the WSC will check if the firewall is enabled or disabled.

- Automatic updating
Automatic updating is a facility to automatically update all the components of the security and stability of Windows . Microsoft regularly is always updating its Windows products with various security patches . Therefore to enable this facility , then you will run Windows more secure and stable .

- Malware protection
Malware protection is in the form of an antivirus program and antispyware installed on our computers . If these programs are not installed or not updated , the WSC will provide a warning in red .

- Other security settings
There are two things that are monitored in this section , namely the Internet Explorer security settings and User Account Control .

How to capitalize on the Windows Security Center Facilities

To open the WSC program , perform the following steps :

- Run the Control Panel . ( Click the Start button and then Control Panel ) .

- In the Control Panel , click the link labeled Check this computer 's security status in the Security section . WSC program will appear .

- In the window that will be visible to the WSC - four status described above ( firewall , automatic updating , malware protection , and other security settings ) . If the background color of the monitored items are green , meaning it runs good . If red means there is a problem , may not be installed or is not active or have not updated so we have to examine the item. To view further details , click the arrow to the right of each item .

In conclusion , the Windows Security Center is a hub of information from a variety of programs in computer security . If you do not know whether your computer is safe or not , or want to see if the antivirus and antispyware programs installed and updated , it is sufficient to unlock the features of this WSC then we can know the status by looking at the color of the sign indicated , if green means go good , but if it is red then it needs to get more attention .
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