How to Change Drive Letters in Windows XP

How to Change Drive Letters in Windows XP
This is an tips / tricks are quite unique, where we can change the drive letter in Windows XP, for example, drive D is converted into the Z drive or use other letters. This way you can do on drives other than drive C. For more details, follow these steps:

- Run / Start menu> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management.

- In Computer Management, look on the left side, click Disk Management.

Cara mengubah huruf drive pada windows xp

- Further on the right will see a list of drives on your computer. Right-click on the drive letter that you want to change the disk drive, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.

- In the dialog box Change Drive Letter and Paths, click the Change button, then adjust as letters according to what you want. Do not forget to click the OK button.

Easy is not it? If you want to restore the original drive letter to the letter, simply repeat the steps above and change back to the original drive letter.
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