Definition of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory is a computer hardware store that serves a variety of data and program instructions . In contrast to magnetic tape or disk access data sequentially , the contents of RAM can be accessed randomly or does not refer to the location of the setting data. The data in RAM is temporary , in other words, the data stored will be lost if the computer is turned off or the power supply is connected to it revoked .

RAM is also called as main memory (main memory ) , primary memory ( primary memory ) , internal memory ( internal memory ) , main storage ( primary storage) , memory stick , or a stick of RAM . In fact, sometimes people just refer to it as a memory even though there are other types of memory installed in the computer .

RAM, Pengertian RAM

RAM is a type of internal memory which supports the processor speed in processing data and instructions . By using the additional RAM in the computer can produce a positive influence on the performance and the speed of the computer , though actually not determine the speed of RAM your computer .

RAM memory modules are commonly traded capacity of 128 MB , 256 MB , 512 MB ​​, 1 GB , 2 GB , and 4 GB .
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