Overcoming Computer That Has Infected Virus Using Norman Malware Cleaner Program

Overcoming Computer That Has Infected Virus Using Norman Malware Cleaner Program
Common antivirus programs like Norton , AVG , Panda , McAfee , Avira , or other functions that prevent viruses and other malicious programs do not damage a computer system by deleting or cleaning the files that have been infected with the virus before the virus runs and mastering systems . But what if your computer has been infected by a virus , possibly because the antivirus program updated infrequently or too late , or because it has not had time to install anti-virus but the virus was preceded by hanging and the master computer . Then the antivirus program was not going to do anything else , just the files that antivirus programs also infected . If the matter like this , usually the solution is to take it to a computer technician or if you are a considerable experience in the field of computers , you will handle it yourself by doing a scan of the computer hard drives of other computers that had no antivirus .

Norman Malware Cleaner

There is one way to try to cope with computers that have been infected with the virus , which is using a free utility program named Norman Malware Cleaner . The program is absolutely free , not a trial version and not the Lite or Demo version of a commercial program . Norman party as the author did make this program as a special tool to help overcome the computers that have been infected with malware ( malicious programs , viruses , etc. ) .

On the official website ie http://www.norman.com said that while running the program , then the exercise of the functions are :
- Disabling the program / ​​process that has infected the running .
- Removes infections from files on the hard drive , including ActiveX components and other components .
- Removes rootkits .
- Correct and restore the registry , and others.

The easy way to run it , first download the program file from the following url :
or just open http://www.norman.com/support/support_tools/58732/ site to see the latest information and more detailed information .
Or you can also find on sites like download.com download software providers , softpedia.com , or others .

The file size is about 60 MB 's , and can run on operating systems Windows 98, Me , NT , 2000 , XP, 2003 , Vista , 2008 and 7 . This program can not be run on Windows 95 . If you have downloaded , simply run it and follow the instructions that appear .

It should be noted that Norman Malware Cleaner is not a substitute for regular antivirus program like Norton , McAfee , Panda , Avira , AVG , or the other , but only as a tool to eliminate the virus that has infected the computer . Therefore , in addition to downloading and running Norman Malware Cleaner , you also have to prepare to install an antivirus program as soon as Norman Malware Cleaner finished cleaning a virus that has infected the computer . Oh yeah .. one more thing , this is an alternative way to deal with a computer that has been infected , if this does not work , then can you try anything else .
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