How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected

How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected
It is undeniable , Printer Canon brand printers still a favorite and widely used everywhere. Besides the price is relatively cheap ( for entry level ) , the print is pretty good too , rechargeable complicated . Well, if you are loyal users of Canon printer , and experiencing some problems with your printer on this one . Listen wrote several common diseases that often occurs in the following Canon printers .

How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected

1 . Blinking , blinking indicator when the printer is turned on
This disease usually struck Canon iP1200 , iP1300 , iP1600 , iP1700 , i255 ,
Lightweight solution , this solution means you should do every time you turn on the printer , because this move is only temporary . When your printer is disconnected from a power outlet, then it will re- emerge blinking . But , there is not no harm in doing this step , if you are not familiar with the ways to reset the printer using the software .
Disconnect the power cable from your printer .
Press and hold the Power button , while you plug in the power cable .
The power indicator light will appear yellow .
Release the power button when you are finished installing the power cord .
Then press the power button again to turn on your printer .
Certainly your printer is not blinking anymore . But when your printer is disconnected from a power outlet, then blinking will appear , and you just repeat the above steps .
Software solutions , you can overcome this by using a blinking disease GeneralTool software specifically for iP 1300 and iP 1700. By using this software , blinking can usually be resolved permanently , meaning you do not need to repeat as the mild solution above .

2 . Blinking , blinking when the ink runs out , or when the contents of the ink finishes
Usually the disease struck Canon iP 1880 printer , and occurs when the ink runs out or when you are done filling ink . Or even the ink is not depleted , but blinking is often struck iP 1880. One solution:
Press and hold the " Resume " for about 1 to 2 minutes
Then open the lid or cover of your printer .
Open his first Cartridge and reinstall it
Close the printer cover
Turn off , then turn back

3 . Print result letters dotted ( striped ) , uneven
Try to do dry a few times , if that does not work well , you wash your catrige manually . But , the best solution , based on the experience of some users , is already time for you to replace your printer Catrige .

4 . Overcoming the " ink absorber is full " on Canon IP1700 and IP1200
Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord
Press and hold the power button ( not released ) while then plug the power cable
When the power button is pressed and the power cable has been plugged back , press the resume button twice ( in a row )
Release the power button
Now your computer will detect a new printer , follow the steps requested until later installed a new printer .

5 . Solutions " The waste ink absorber is almost full " and " ink absorber is full " on Canon IP3000 and IP2000
Turn off the printer
Press the reset button and then press the power button
Press and hold the power button and then release the reset button
Press the reset button 2 times in a row and then release both buttons ( reset button and power button )
Green indicator will appear
When the indicator is green , then press the resume button 4 times
Press the power button , the printer will die ( turn off ) , if not press the power button

Printer returns to normal .
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