How to Install Windows 7 and Windows XP In One Computer

How to Install Windows 7 and Windows XP In One Computer
Although it has been much written about this issue in various tutorials and blogs , but there's no harm if we write back here . Who knows you intend to do this on a computer / laptop , and you've already stray here , so no need to bother anymore right tuk to ask google ? ! . OK , we immediately wrote discussed with case examples on the computer ( laptop ) authors .
The initial condition consists of 3 computers authors Partitions ( C , D and E ) in a single drive , with one operating system , namely Windows XP . Scheme is as follows :

C : size = 80 GB . Have not installed any operating system alias is empty .
D : size = 100 GB . 've Installed Windows XP SP2 .
E : size = 100 GB . Contains data.

Because of the demands of work and other things , the authors intend to install the Windows 7 operating system on the computer , but also do not want to lose the Windows XP that was installed previously . Then the next step that I did was to install Windows 7 on partition C. Once completed , the Restart computer . What happened ? . Computer directly to the new windows 7 installed later without putting existing operating system options . Well, how to do if we want to go back to Windows XP ? . Do not panic ! . Upon entry into Windows 7 , just install a small application called EasyBCD , made by Mahmoud H. Al - Qudsi . After install EasyBCD , then run , it will look like the following picture :

How to Install Windows 7 and Windows XP In One Computer

Click the "Add New Entry". Select the operating system that will be added. In the case above, select windows "NT/2k/XP/2k3​​". In the column "Name", type in "Windows XP" or up to you. Tick ​​"Automatically detect correct drive". Then click the "Add Entry". For a trivial look at the picture below:

Then restart the computer ... and Jreng ... suddenly there is an option you want to get into where the operating system: Windows 7 or Windows XP?.
To download EasyBCD please click here or on the sono.
To perform a disk partition, could use some sort of program partitioning Partition Master or other EASUS. The trick? Find yourself in google yes or ask your friends who are more expert.
Note: If a Windows XP install it later, then install EasyBCD in Windows XP and do langkah2 as above.
Important: Before you do all the above, do not forget to first BACKUP all your important data. Or data loss and other risks is your responsibility

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