22 Steps How to Install Linux RedHat (Full Figure)

How to Install Linux RedHat
Installation preparation
Some things that you should note before starting the installation are:
1. prepare the PC which allows to install linux

2. prepare a Linux installation CD that you want to install
Getting Started Installation
1. BIOS settings on the computer, in order to boot first from the CD-Drive.
2. Insert Disk 1 of 3 to Red Hat CD into the CD-Drive. Wait some time to appear instalatasi option to start the Red Hat | press the Enter key.

Tampilan awal boot

3. Wait a few moments to appear choice of language during the installation process as shown below:

Kotak dialog pilihan bahasa

4. Click the Next button. Then a window will appear for the keyboard option.

Kotak dialog konfigurasi keyboard

5. Click the Next button. Then will appear the window option for the mouse, click the mouse according to the use.

Kotak dialog konfigurasi keyboard

6. Click the Next button. Then will appear the window option to upgrade or install

Kotak dialog Upgrade

7. Select Perform a New Red Hat Linux Installation, then click the Next button.
8. Determine the desired installation option, click Next

Kotak dialog pilihan jenis instalasi

1 Personal Desktop offices and Multimedia Applications 1.8 GB
2 Workstation Computers and networks working for developer / programmer. 2.1 GB
3 Server computer as an application server with 1.5 GB - 4.85 GB
4 Determine your own Custom packages to suit the needs of 500 MB - 4.85 GB
9. Select the desired form of partition: Partition Automatically or Manually Partition with Disk Druid

Kotak dialog pilihan jenis partisi

*) Create three partitions, each for windows, linux and data. So if you want to remove / uninstall Linux or Windows, your important data is not lost participate.

Skema susunan partisi

*) In a hard drive partition that contained concept consists of a Primary Partition, Extended Partition and Logical Partition. Contained within the primary partition Master Boot Record (MBR) to perform the boot loader of the operating system.
10. Select Manually Partition with Disk Druid to create a Linux partition, and by default, you are enough to create a partition:
1. / boot ----> EXT3 / Linux Native ---> 100 MB
2. / -----> EXT3 / Linux Native ---> 4000 MB
3. swap ----> Swap -----> 2 x the amount of memory installed on the computer

Kotak dialog pembagian partisi

Select the NEW button on the dialog box Partitioning. Then fill in the columns Mount Point "/". For the file system, select Linux Native. Fill the rest of the column size of your hard drive is still empty. Then select OK and then select Next.

Kotak dialog menentukan sistem file

11. After partitioning is complete it will display configured to boot loader then select Next, so the display appears as follows:

kotak dialog boot loader

12. If you plan to connect the computer to the network, fill in the requested data. If not leave blank. Select Next.

Kotak dialog konfigurasi jaringan

13. Then came the box firewall configurations. Leave it empty if you do not connect the computer to the network.

Kotak dialog konfigurasi Firewall

14. Select Next, the following display appears asking you to fill in the type of language that will be used by RedHat later.
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Kotak dialog konfigurasi bahasa tambahan

15. Select Next to continue. So it appears the setting time.

Kotak dialog konfigurasi tanggal

16. Select Next to continue. Enter the password for the root, which is the super user. Click the Next button and the Next button again.

17. Determine what packages are going on Install. There are several group packages such as Desktop, Application, Server. Then click Next

Kotak dialog Menentukan Jenis Paket

18. Wait a few moments until the installation process packages have been completed everything.

Kotak dialog proses instalasi

19. Then will appear the dialog box to make the system boot to a floppy disk, insert the floppy disk in drive A, then click the Next button.

Kotak dialog pembuatan disket boot

20. After completion of the boot disk creation, then will appear the dialog box to specify the type Next the installer will ask you to choose the configuration Video Card. Generally, the installer identify the type of video card available. And you are also asked to choose the amount of RAM the video card. As shown in the following figure:

Kotak dialog Konfigurasi card monitor

21. Click Next to specify the type of monitor used and the desired resolution.
22. Once you enter it correctly, then it's done installing RedHat Linux 9.0.
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