Creating Simple Calculator in Blogger With JavaScript

Creating Simple Calculator With JavaScript
This simple calculator is made with javascript and run using the browser, so you can store it on a local computer or can be shown in your blog. 

You just copy and paste the script below: 

<FORM NAME="Calc"> 
<INPUT Type="text" NAME="Input" Size="16"> 
</ TD> 
</ TR> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="one" VALUE=" 1 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '1'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="two" VALUE=" 2 "OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '2'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="three" VALUE=" 3 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '3'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="plus" VALUE=" + "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '+'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="four" VALUE=" 4 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '4'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="five" VALUE=" 5 "OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '5'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="six" VALUE=" 6 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '6'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="minus" VALUE="-"OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '-'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="seven" VALUE=" 7 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '7'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="eight" VALUE=" 8 "OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '8'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="nine" VALUE=" 9 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '9'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="times" VALUE=" x "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '*'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="clear" VALUE=" c "OnClick="Calc.Input.value =''"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="zero" VALUE=" 0 "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '0'"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="DoIt" VALUE=" = "OnClick="Calc.Input.value = eval(Calc.Input.value)"> 
<INPUT Type="button" NAME="div" VALUE=" / "OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '/'"> 
</ TD> 
</ TR> 
</ TABLE> 
</ FORM> 

To be shown at a local computer: 
Copy and paste the script into Notepad and then Save ashtml, for example with the name of the save filekalkulator.html type All Files, and then click Save to save 

Open kalkulator.html files using mozilla browser, internet explorer, chrome, etc. 

To appear in the live blog copy and paste the above code into the gadget HTML / Javascript. 
For Blogger (blogspot) Open Menu Layout, and then selectAdd Gadgets in the area that you want, and select HTML / Javascript, and Paste right script. 
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