How to Backup BBM (Blackberry Mesager) Contacts

Usually we realized the need to backup everything is when damage has occurred or the events that cause loss of data, any data, computer, smartphone, etc.. 

Perform backup important data before the undesirable things happen, 
included in this data backup BBM contacts (Blackberry Messenger), because if one day lost BBM contacts, and you do not have backed up, you must mereinvite one after another, would be bothered of course, not to mention if the person does not know either where 

Different if you had backed up, just do a restore , then all your contacts will reappear. 

How to backup your Blackberry Messenger contacts (for OS V.5) 
How to Backup BBM (Blackberry Mesager) Contacts

Open BBM 
Click the menu button (the logo  ) 
Select Options 

Scroll down, look for Backup Management 
Select Backup 

Then, select the Back Up files locally (to more easily) 
Click the Back Up Now 
Rename the file name (if you want), 
Choose a folder location to save, then press Save.
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