PDF Redirect: Combine PDF Files You Become One

PDF Redirect: Combine PDF Files You Become One
Uncomfortable, when we saw a lot of our files scattered on the hard disk of our computer. Looks very neat when the files were lined with the same file type but contain things that are interconnected. For example, as a PDF file (Portable Document Format), which contains about writing a novel. PDF episode 1, episode 2, and so on. Will be easier when we read episode 1 episode 2 go directly to the file without having to open a different document.

Maybe you can do it manually merge several PDF files that episode, but it would be more simple if you try this software is freeware, ie PDF Redirect.This software is used to merge multiple PDF files (not specified how much) into one file.

So you do not have to bother anymore to open file further documents to be able to enjoy reading or whatever in your PDF connect to each other. It definitely saves you time. To be able menggukan this file combiner software, you can follow these simple steps below (click image to enlarge):
  • Download PDF redirect advance (http://www.exp-systems.com/pdfredirect/downloads.htm). There will be 2 options, it's up to you whether you will choose Freeware or Professional. Here I use the Freeware version v2.5.2
Unduh Software PDF reDirect
Download Software
Unduh Software Melalui CNet
Download Software Via CNet
  • Once finished downloading, install the software as usual, next-I agree, and finish.
  • When finished, run the PDF Redirect.
  • To be able to unify multiple PDF files, find the place where the PDF files you will be one. Then the block, and press the Add button on the MergeSelected List, as shown below:
Pilih file-file PDF anda
Choose your PDF Files
  • Then you can add a password to a PDF generated (1), then you can set the order of your PDF file (2), and then you just need to do a Save for your combined PDF document (3).
Simpan PDF Gabungan
Save PDF Combined Results
  • Shortly after you hit Save, you will see the storage process. Joint PDF you will be automatically saved in PDF-PDF directory combined.
You can fiddling with the software useful and you can find features that are not mentioned here. Surely these features useful for its users. Good luck and hopefully successful and rewarding.
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