Why Blackberry Gtalk status Online but are not visible online

Have you ever experienced anything like the title above? Your status is seen online, but you are not online. This happens in Google Talk Blackberry. 

Because you are not actually online, so any writing or greetings from your friend would not be your response, which causes friends to be disappointed, because we thought ignore. 

I've been there, I looked online but I've been out with doing Logoff. After it happened over and over and are puzzled, trying to pay attention to what is actually happening, finally makes sense why the status still appear online. 

Why Blackberry Gtalk status Online but are not visible online
What happens is: 

I do logoff when no data signal at Blackberry (sometimes we do not realize we're not able to blackberry data signal (that is: GSM, GPRS or small letters, or 3G without the  , Or no signal at all) 

In Blackberry got its own would look is already out, but that is still online and not logout, because the connection to the server Gtalknya disconnected. Thus our status in Gtalk Blackberry friends would / still visible online. 

As long as the data signal still can not, then our status in Blackberry friends will still be seen online. (In Gtalk idle blackberry does not apply when there is no activity for a certain time, in contrast to Gtalk on a computer, laptop or tablet computer). 

It was only after receiving a data signal back, the logout command sent to the server Gtalk. 
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