Tips on Caring for Laptop

Tips on Caring for Laptop
Is the most convenient laptop computer below , in addition to tips and the lighter is also more sophisticated . and the discussion this time I would like to share about How to Take Care of Laptop Sustainable and Not so Fast Damage . Maybe for you often ignore the laptop in and just let it wear it alone , but do not see the negative side of the improper use of the procedure , because any laptop prices starting from specifications that bad till we are good even if not treated properly will certainly not long-lasting . There are so many kinds of damage that would be in the nature of our laptop , smallest to largest starting for example damage to the laptop motherboard . therefore we refer to How to Take Care of a Laptop that Sustainable and Quick No Damage following :

Tips on Caring for Laptop

Laptop Care Tips include:

Put in a hard place

Why should be put in a hard place ? Because , if you put the laptop on a soft place such as mattresses , sofas and cushions can shut off the flow of hot air coming out of the laptop causing air circulation on the laptop to be disturbed .

Do not let the battery is discharged

This is often done by those who feel responsibility to immediately charge or to charge their laptops . This might be due to people being responsible play games , write , surf , and so forth . If not immediately in charge , then the laptop will run out of power and die . Well, if this is the case will cause a lot of adverse effects on battery ( Cycle Count ) . My suggestion , while you still can to charge a laptop , use your laptop in a state with a ter -charge . This is better . Or if you can not do if the battery charge is at position 15 %

Keep the voltage stable

When you to charge your laptop , consider the flow of electricity that goes into the adapter . The voltage is not stable , would make the adapter easily damaged and make your battery drop . Usually , this happens when to charge in the car .

Often Perform Disk Defrag

Perform defrag the hard drive on a regular basis in order to get better performance of the Hard Disk and reduce battery usage as well as other hardware components .
is inside the laptop .

External Device

External Device as an External Disk , WiFi , Bluetooth , etc. will drain the battery on your laptop . The more external devices are connected , then it will be the more battery power is used. I suggest , if it is not being used , should External Device is removed from the laptop .

Try Having Great RAM Capacity

The greater capacity of the RAM on your laptop , it will make your laptop battery more efficient . As the performance of the laptop will be lighter , so the use of reduced battery load .
Keep the adapter is always plugged in when you are using a laptop
Apparently there are still a lot of people are wrong with this . Many people think that installing adapter when using a laptop can cause a drop in the battery . It can indeed occur in the types of old school laptop ( before 1996 ) . Well , like modern laptops nowadays are usually equipped with the " Battery Control " . It aims to avoid the use of laptops by using DC power . Installing the adapter directly without installing the battery in the laptop , will potentially make the damage to the laptop . Because when an electrical voltage when your home goes out , it will have an impact on your laptop . Among other things , result in damage to the Hard Disk , Mother board , etc. . However , it should be made ​​use of when the battery is charged and not choked charging .

Expose your laptop from water

For tips that one may have had a lot of people who understand . It's not just a laptop , all the electronics are afraid of water . But , if your laptop tterkena water , dry it first until your laptop is completely dry before you use your laptop back .

Use the original charger

Use the original charger from your laptop . Because , indeed the laptop manufacturers have designed their products based on specific quality standards .
Close the laptop screen when not in use
This is done to avoid falling dirt , dust or objects around you that can damage the monitor or keyboard . If possible , use a cloth barrier between the keyboard and monitor to avoid scratches on the screen . If we buy a new laptop , this barrier fabric usually included as well .

Attach AntiVirus

Antivirus software is a staple that should exist on the laptop or pc . This software can ward off malicious programs that can damage your computer software . If your laptop has been infected with the virus , there is a possibility your laptop hardware can be damaged . Do not need a paid antivirus . Palin is important is that you always update the antivirus regularly perform the antivirus so you can know the latest viruses . If you are confused in choosing a good and free antivirus , I have a list of free antivirus
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