Changing / Swapping Right Click with Left Mouse Click Using Notepad

With computers do not always have to be serious, a lot of things you can do to reduce the stress of work or daily routine.for example with friends by exchanging meng_isengi Mouse right click button function with left click, so your friends will feel confused. 

Swap / exchange the mouse button functions can be done by simply writing a simple command in Notepad. 
Open Notepad 
type the following code: 

Changing / Swapping Right Click with Left Mouse Click Using Notepad
@ Echo off 
rundll32 user32, SwapMouseButton 

Then save the file with the filename extension eg batmouse.bat

In the Save as type, select All Files
At select Encoding ANSI
Click the Save

Mouse.bat This file can be copied to the flash, copied on the desktop, is stored in the Windows Startup, etc up to you, which is definitely a bat file that is executed / implemented then click functions left and right mouse buttons will be confused. so that using the computer will be confused.

To return to normal function, can through the menu Mouse in Control Panel Windows 

On the Button Configuration, tick the Switch primary and secondary buttons 
Click Apply, click OK 
Another way to return to normal function is to restart the computer. (Files are not stored in the start up menu, because if it is stored in the startup after restart will be executed immediately return) 
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