Easy way or Symbol Image Hosting for Blog / Website

Many service providers are free to store pictures or photos, such as Photobucket, Google Photos, Windows Live with Sky drivenya, etc. there are many more.

But if only to save the banner images (usually to exchange links), icon, or symbol for the purposes of our blog or website, whether should be stored in places that?? 

The easiest way in my opinion is to keep the Page post in Blogger, not necessarily far away. 
Make a special page just posting pictures berisa, symbol or Icon. 

Create New Page (no new posts) 

Easy way or Symbol Image Hosting for Blog / Website
Enter a title up to you, for example: Msg & Symbol
Click on the symbol Image as a first step to enter the drawing

Select Upload and click Choose Files to choose images to be uploaded. 

After the pictures selected and uploaded, do Publish. 

Well to open the images that have been uploaded before, we just open the pages, 
when it opens just right-click on the image that we want and then copy the image URL address for the purposes of the blog posts and so forth. 
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