Wifi Proxy Setting On Android Phones

Wifi Proxy Setting On Android Phones
For those who do not know how to set a proxy for a wi - fi on android phones , of course, completely adorable . Though the menu can be found easily in the settings menu in android. Wi - fi some are in privacy by using a proxy . So that when other people who go into the wi-fi network , can not be used in arbitrary aka free .

Like my case in a Telkom office where my friend worked . Incidentally we work in the same field but different companies . When connecting my android phone and start surfing was not able to connect to the internet . That's because I have not proxy input .

Once here and there in the android settings , I found it and it's actually very simple but enough to make me overwhelmed . Here are the steps for setting proxy in android phone .

  1. Go into the Settings menu .
  2. Choose Wireless and networks .
  3. Then select the Wi - Fi settings . In this section, press the Menu button on the phone . Then we will get the Scan menu and Advanced .
  4. Select the Advanced menu .
  5. In the menu you might find the menu Proxy and Port . Enter the proxy and its port .

So easy . It's just that if we do not know , would be very inconvenient to find the menu . So alone , may be useful .
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