While handling VGA card cooling fan his death

While handling VGA card cooling fan his death
VGA card or graphic card is one of the components in the computer that is used to display an image to the screen.
To be able to work well, at any attached graphic card heat sink (cooling) to remove the heat generated in order not to damage the chip.

On the types of certain VGA card, heat sink equipped with a fan or a fan, with the intention that the cooling would be better, more optimal.

Problems heatsink or cooling fan use is: because the fan rotates mechanically, then over time parts of the fan rotor or stator will wear out, which in the end can not spin the fan, and broken.

With VGA card cooling conditions damaged, usually the computer will often hank, drawing die, or even a computer will not start at all.

If you are using a VGA computer / graphic card using the fan / cooling fan on the chip, and one day the fan stops spinning (damaged). The most correct way is to replace the graphics card with a new one. However, if you do not want to buy it, you can still use the VGA card without interruption despite the cooling fan off.

Uninstall / remove the fan is dead, because there is no better fan / fan of on there but not working. there is usually a screw or bolt for anchoring / amplifier, open using a screwdriver.

Once the fan is removed, clean the heat sink from the dirt.
By removing the defective fan, VGA card can be reused, especially if the exhaust fan circulation possessed good CPU casing (big fan casing attached to the CPU), it will be no problem even if the VGA card without using the cooling fan.

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