How to Clean Shortcut Virus Without Reinstall

How to Clean Shortcut Virus Without Reinstall
Nowadays a lot of computer virus shortcut Runmit 1234, at least it happened on computers around me. This virus attacks the computer a lot often entered the flash, because the flash media is the most popular media vrius 1234 runmit shortcut to spread itself.

The characteristics of the most visible of a computer that is already infected with the virus shortcut Shortcut Virus 1234 Runmit File watermark.exe this will make the directory C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft and also in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Microsoft

While in flash virus will make some shortcut files and file recycler and autorun.inf file

How to Clean Shortcut Virus Without Reinstall

So, how to fix a computer that has a virus shortcut without having to reformat and re-install our computer ?

Well , the way I've ever tried on one of the main computers and work, the way is to rely on antivirus 3 pieces ( must have the latest update ) , ie using antivirus SMADAV V 8.5 combined with SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS and ANTIVIRUS AVG 2011 .

The steps are :

a. First secure the data we dikomputer ( backup data) .
b . After that , install SMADAV V 8.5 and SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS ( latest update ) .
c . Then scan all the drives on your computer . Just delete all the files detected virus .
d . After completion of the scan with the antivirus both , then proceed with installing antivirus AVG ANTIVIRUS 2011 + latest update .
e . Continue to scan all drives with AVG ANTIVIRUS 2011.
f . Remove all viruses are detected .

If still not convinced with the results of the first scan before, please re -start your computer , and then re-scan all drives dikomputermu with all the antivirus. That way I 'm sure all the virus will be deleted .

Anyway , make sure your flash is also clear from the virus by scanning it . If no trace file is not deleted virus do manual removal .

How to Cope Virus Shortcut Hopefully this can help resolve your dikomputer virus attacks .
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